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No single supplement

Travel on a Norwegian coastal voyage during the winter months and save if you are travelling alone

Book a selected 12-day Classic Round Voyage or 11-day Voyage of Discovery and pay no single supplement if you are travelling alone during select dates. 

Valid on the following departure dates (departing Bergen) in October, November and December: 

Oct 09.10.2017 M/S Nordlys Nov 29.11.2017 M/S Trollfjord
Oct 13.10.2017 M/S Vesterålen Dec 03.12.2017 M/S Nordlys
Oct 24.10.2017 M/S Vesterålen Dec 04.12.2017 M/S Nordkapp
Oct 26.10.2017 M/S Nordnorge Dec 05.12.2017 M/S Finnmarken
Oct 31.10.2017 M/S Nordlys Dec 06.12.2017 M/S Polarlys
Nov 04.11.2017 M/S Vesterålen Dec 07.12.2017 M/S Vesterålen
Nov 06.11.2017 M/S Nordnorge Dec 08.12.2017 M/S Richard With
Nov 08.11.2017 M/S Kong Harald Dec 09.12.2017 M/S Nordnorge
Nov 11.11.2017 M/S Nordlys Dec 10.12.2017 M/S Trollfjord
Nov 12.11.2017 M/S Nordkapp Dec 11.12.2017 M/S Kong Harald
Nov 14.11.2017 M/S Polarlys Dec 14.12.2017 M/S Nordlys
Nov 15.11.2017 M/S Vesterålen Dec 15.12.2017 M/S Nordkapp
Nov 17.11.2017 M/S Nordnorge Dec 16.12.2017 M/S Finnmarken
Nov 18.11.2017 M/S Trollfjord Dec 17.12.2017 M/S Polarlys
Nov 19.11.2017 M/S Kong Harald Dec 18.12.2017 M/S Vesterålen
Nov 22.11.2017 M/S Nordlys Dec 19.12.2017 M/S Richard With
Nov 23.11.2017 M/S Nordkapp Dec 20.12.2017 M/S Nordnorge
Nov 24.11.2017 M/S Finnmarken Dec 25.12.2017 M/S Nordlys
Nov 25.11.2017 M/S Polarlys Dec 26.12.2017 M/S Nordkapp
Nov 26.11.2017 M/S Vesterålen Dec 29.12.2017 M/S Vesterålen
Nov 27.11.2017 M/S Richard With Dec 30.12.2017 M/S Richard With
Nov 28.11.2017 M/S Nordnorge Dec 31.12.2017 M/S Nordnorge

Offer terms & conditions

Valid on new Select and Basic bookings made before 30 June 2017. Offer is valid on the 12-day Classic Round Voyage and 11-day Voyage of Discovery on selected dates above. Not valid on departures including chartered flights. Offer is subject to availability. Offer is not any Suite bookings. Offer is combinable with the Child, Ambassador Member and coastal discount offers.