MS Nordnorge passing Rystraumen in Midnight Sun
MS Nordnorge passing Rystraumen in Midnight Sun Photo: Jan Holthe Photo

Sneak peak - Hurtigruten ship makeover 2016

We are happy to announce that we are upgrading the vessels sailing the rugged and beautiful Norwegian coast. Out goes the cruise interior and furnishings typical of the nineties. In comes a modern Scandinavian interior, with inspiration drawn from the spectacular Norwegian mountains, fjords and nature.

What's happening?

  • First step of the refurbishment program includes total renewal of four Norwegian coastal ships.
  • Our new ship MS Spitsbergen is undergoing total interior renewal and major conversion in preparation for sailing under polar conditions. To be completed in the spring of 2016. 
  • Ships to be renewed in are MS Kong HaraldMS Nordkapp and MS Nordnorge makeover during spring of 2016.
  • MS Kong Harald is the first ship out in January 2016. For 22 days three shifts will be working around the clock to give her new interior. 


MS Kong Harald 15.01.16-07.02.16
MS Polarlys 02.02.16-24.02.16
MS Nordkapp  27.03.16-19.04.16
MS Nordnorge 28.10.16 – 24.11.16.


New Arctic Interior

The interior will reflect the breath-taking coastal landscapes we sail by, stylish and breathtaking. Ranging from earthy coastal colours and the ice blue sea. Using a variety of natural materials, such as wood, slate and leather. Forms inspired from nature, with shapes that bear resembelnce to fire, waves and seaweed.
The new look has been named NEW ARCTIC INTERIOR.

The receptions, cafes, cabins, the bar and the aft deck, are all to be renovated. The same goes for the restaurants, where the food being served from now on will reach new gastronomic heights.

Norwegian flavours

Furthermore, the transformation affects all restaurants and food being served on board the ships of Hurtigruten. With pride, we serve you the best Norwegian food from Norway’s Coastal Kitchen – locally produced food served in cooperation with Norwegian producers and providers. The gastronomic experience is a journey in itself, served with a modern touch.

Locally produced ice cream from Lofoten and freshly baked goods from the new bakery on board. Multe Bakery & Ice Cream, is also a new addition to Hurtigruten’s culinary repertoire.

Enjoy your favourite drink or try a shot of Arctic aquavit or Lyngen alp Vodka in our brand new Explorer Lounge. The centerpiece is a bar which aims at serving the largest collection of Norwegian spirits known to man. Amazing.

Stay active

There are many explorers on board Hurtigruten. And regardless of age and interests, there are activities for everyone. While some prefer simply to enjoy the view from the ship’s relaxing jacuzzi, the more active explorers can work out in the gym or participate in activities out on deck. Not to forget that there is more than 50 excursions you can choose from! 

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See you in the bar!