Terms of use of & privacy

The purpose of the policy is to protect the privacy, personal integrity and ensure adequate quality of personal information.

Hurtigruten privacy guidelines

 The processing of personal data in Norway is mainly regulated by the Personal Data Act, but a number of other laws such as the Marketing and Accounting Act also provide guidelines for how information can be linked to a person and be treated.

For more information about privacy and privacy-related issues including the website of the Norwegian Data Inspectorate and SAFT, a cross-European EU-backed project that is working to raise awareness of safe Internet use for children and young people.

Our information about you

Personal information is used to manage your customer relationships, for invoicing, orders, order management, and in all other contexts where Hurtigruten must know who we have contact with.

The information is also our basis to provide relevant information about products and services, so you can choose the product that suits you best.

Responsibility for computing the Hurtigruten

The daily responsibility for the processing of personal data lies with the general manager of the Hurtigruten.

Use of Internet

When you are on the Internet, it always leaves you with an electronic track that shows where you've been.

Hurtigruten does not connect these tracks up to you as a person. When you visit our web site, the computer will automatically enter user information, such as IP address and domain name. We use this information to understand traffic patterns on our website, so that we can make them even better.

IP address

In order to communicate with other computers on the Internet, your computer must have an IP address. This address is used as identification on your machine when it communicates with other computers on the network. In it you connect up to www.hurtigruten.com or other Hurtigruten sites where you will leave your IP address. Your IP address will be used to address the contents of the website to your intended recipient.

Hurtigruten registers your IP address when you use our website. Hurtigruten does not associate this information directly or indirectly to you as a user. The time you spend on our pages are logged, but you are anonymous to us. We also use this information to manage and maintain our sites. It enables us to develop better and more user-friendly offerings.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies store certain information about your computer and allow us to customize web pages to your needs, or make it easier for you to use our website. Cookies allow your preferences to be saved while you are visiting a site, and is an industry standard used on many sites on the Internet. Our cookies contain no information that identifies you as a person.

Secure data connection

When you submit your payment information with Hurtigruten, all data is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When the connection is encrypted, it should read "https: / /" at the address in your browser. At the bottom right corner of the screen you will also see a symbol that confirms that the connection is encrypted. Internet Explorer icon is a small padlock; other browsers may contain other symbols.

Collect and reservations

As a customer with an ongoing customer relationship with Hurtigruten, you can also book directly with customer service if you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us.

Please contact our customer service centre if you want to opt out of marketing from the company and have an ongoing customer relationship.

Personal Profiles

Personal Profiles are a compilation of information we have received from you, such as name, address, any other information you have provided, what services you use and purchases you have made with Hurtigruten. We use these profiles to customize our offerings to individual customers and as a base as we develop new products.

Access to information

To ensure that the processing of information with us is secure, there is only specifically authorized persons with Hurtigruten who have access to the information you provide to us.. The number of employees with such authorization is limited.

The right to information is secured with access control and password. We use advanced technology to prevent unauthorized persons entering our systems.

Amendment and deletion of information

If the information is incorrect or incomplete, you can correct some of the information on the Internet. Apart from that, you can request to have incorrect data corrected, supplemented or deleted by Hurtigruten customer service.

All emails from Hurtigruten will include the opportunity to join the newsletter.