Sailing plan MS Spitsbergen

MS Spitsbergen will sail by some of the Norwegian coastal ports to make the experience even better and utilise the skills of our Expedition Team

We follow the regular sailing plan on day, but in the nights we sail by most of the ports. The updated sailing plan you can find below.

Day Port Departure Bergen
May - August 2016
1 from Bergen 21:30
2 from Florø Sail by
  from Maløy Sail by
  from Torvik Sail by
  to Ålesund Sail by
  to Geiranger 13:00
  from Ålesund 19:00
  from Molde 22:15
3 from Kristiansund Sail by
  to Trondheim 12:00
  from Rørvik 22:00
4 from Brønnøysund Sail by
  from Sandnessjøen Sail by
  from Nesna Sail by
  from Ørnes Sail by
  to Bodø 14:30
  from Stamsund 19:00
  to Svolvær 22:30
5 from Stokmarknes Sail by
  from Sortland Sail by
  from Risøyhamn Sail by
  to Harstad Sail by
  from Harstad Sail by
  from Finnsnes 11:00
  to Tromsø 14:15
  from Tromsø 18:30
  from Skjervøy 00:45
 6 from Øksfjord Sail by
  to Hammerfest Sail by
  from Havøysund 08:45
  to Honningsvåg 11:00
  from Kjøllefjord 17:15
  from Mehamn 21:30
  from Berlevåg 00:00
  from Båtsfjord Sail by
  from Vardø Sail by
  from Vadsø Sail by
  to Kirkenes Arrive 09:00
Day Port Departure Kirkenes
 7 from Kirkenes 13:00
  from Vadsø Sail by
  from Vardø 18:30
  from Båtsfjord Sail by
  from Berlevåg Sail by
 8 from Mehamn Sail by
  from Kjøllefjord Sail by
  from Honningsvåg 05:45
  from Havøysund Sail by
   to Hammerfest  10:15**
  from Hammerfest 13:00**
  from Øksfjord Sail by
  from Skjervøy Sail by*
  to Tromsø 23:45
9 from Tromsø 02:00
  from Finnsnes Sail by
  to Harstad 07:45
  from Harstad 08:15
  from Risøyhamn Sail by
  from Sortland 12:45
  fron Stokmarknes 15:00
  to Svolvær 18:30
  from Svolvær 20:30
  from Stamsund 23:30
 10 to Bodø Sail by
  from Bodø Sail by
  from Ørnes Sail by
  from Nesna Sail by
  from Sandnessjøen 13:00
  from Brønnøysund 18:00
  from Rørvik 22:00
 11 to Trondheim 07:00
  from Trondheim 10:00
  from Kristiansund 17:00
  from Molde 21:30
  to Ålesund 00:30
12 from Ålesund 01:00
  from Torvik Sail by
  from Maløy Sail by
  from Florø Sail by
  to Bergen Arrive 13:30


*Sailing between Skjervøy-Tromsø is via Lyngen (NE only departures 08/19/30 May from Bergen)

** Departures 08/19/30 May from Bergen: NE will arrive in Hammerfest at 10:45 and leave Hammerfest at 12:00