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From passport and VISA requirements to general on-board information - get to know MS Fram before you embark on your explorer voyage.

MS Fram email and contact information 

Phone: + 47 85 00 11 00

Contact Information for the Ship

All cabins are equipped with a telephone. In order to make calls from the ship a phone card must be purchased from the front desk. There is an Internet café on board, where you can get an Internet credit account. Paid Wi-Fi access is available in the reception area on Deck 4, but this is not available in the cabins. Please note that there is a 512-MB connection and that, depending on the ship's position, an Internet connection may not be available all the time. We kindly ask our passengers to refrain from using the Internet for live streaming media, such as video calls via Skype and YouTube.

Alcohol Regulations

Only alcohol that has been purchased at the restaurant or at the bar may be consumed on board. Alcohol bought in the on board shop or on land must be stored until your return. According to Norwegian law, only persons over the age of 18 may purchase beer and wine. Liquor may only be sold to people over 20 years.

Outside Decks

The MS Fram has plenty of spacious outdoor areas. The sun deck loungers are perfect for quiet moments, with a blanket, a hot drink and the perfect view of the horizon.

Bar Service

The bar of the panoramic salon is modelled after an Inuit spearhead. Make yourself comfortable while you admire the majestic landscape as the bar staff serve you your favourite drink.

Disabled Cabins

The MS Fram is wheelchair accessible. Disabled people and those who need special help, may only travel with a companion. Please note that wheelchair users need to use the gangway to enter or leave the ship. In ports where mobile gangways are used, as well as polar Cirkel-boat landings wheelchairs cannot be taken out.


The ship has a small library with a fine selection of books, which are available free of charge. You can also rent games and puzzles.

On Board Photographer

Our on board photographer on the MS Fram will invite you to photography workshops and practical exercises on the deck, so you can take the best pictures and videos of your trip.

Cruise Card

Upon arrival you will get on board, according to ISPS rules, with your personal cruise card. All guests must have this card in all destination ports and landings. This card serves as a control system on the gangway, so we always know which of our guests are on board or ashore. This is also the key card for your cabin and must be enabled as a payment card on board. The card is the only means of payment for the on board facilities. Visa, American Express, Diners Club and MasterCard are all accepted as ways to activate your cruise card account on board. Activation with a Maestro card is not possible. Please note that the credit card you connect to your cruise card account will be charged in Norwegian kroner (NOK). Your connected credit card must still be valid for at least three months after your voyage. The exchange rate is equivalent to that confirmed by your credit card company so we advise checking with them before travelling. The evening before the end of the voyage, your account will be settled. Your total balance document will be brought to your cabin. There is no possibility to withdraw cash on board or to exchange money.

Entry Requirements

Each guest is responsible for abiding by the correct visa rules and having a valid passport on board. A passport is the only form of acceptable identification aboard MS Fram, an ID card is not sufficient, and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip. When arriving on board, your passport will be taken by ship personnel to complete formalities. Your passport remains with personnel for the entire journey and will be handed back out at the end of your journey. Please bring a photocopy of your passport. Please note that each participant is solely responsible for obtaining all travel documents. Costs arising from inadequate travel documents, must be borne by the traveller. To enter Russia, depending on your nationality, you may need your passport to be valid for at least six months as well as a visa. If you only attend the optional shore excursions in St. Petersburg, and you don’t leave the ship individually, we will organize a group visa on board. If you plan on an individual stroll through St. Petersburg, you must apply for an individual visa prior to departure.

Please check all the countries you will be entering and confirm with your local consulate what visa requirements you may have.


All cabins have a private bathroom with 220-V-/50-Hz-Steckdose. In the suites there is also a 110-volt outlet for shavers. The sockets are compatible with Euro plug (2-pole).

Gym, Sauna and Whirlpool

Can there be a more beautiful place to do sports? The gym on Deck 7 features stunning ocean views, a modern gym and a cosy sauna. Or warm up in one of the outdoor Jacuzzis.

Baggage Check

The MS Fram is governed by the provisions of ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) which require the inspection of all luggage through scanners. We encourage our guests to consider this with travel arrangements. The ISPS regulations also provide for controls on cabin baggage in all ports on the relevant route.


You can borrow high quality boots on board free of charge for landings and walks. These boots are stored for you on our tender deck. Of course you can use your own boots, which are stored for you during the entire trip on the tender deck and exclusively used for landings.

Mobile Phones

Phones work in some coastal locations, depending on your carrier contract. You can use your GSM mobile phone at any time on board the ship. Please check with your provider to see if and at what cost, you can use your mobile phone on the MCP-satellite system on board.


Ask your doctor for the necessary vaccinations for your trip.

Information and Services

On Deck 4 is the reception where our staff can answer your questions. In this area you will also find an Internet cafe, the lobby with Wi-Fi access and conference rooms.


Wide choices of comfortable cabins are on board waiting for you. Choose between the standard interior or outside cabin with two beds or a larger cabin with double bed. Or treat yourself to one of the wonderful suites (some with balconies) with special suite service.


Hurtigruten does not accept children under the age of five to the Antarctic or on "Wildlife in the South Atlantic Ocean", one of our voyages to South America. On all other routes with the MS Fram, there are no age restrictions. For safety, the captain decides at each landing, whether children under 12 can go ashore.

Medical Questionnaire

According to Hurtigruten and IAATO guidelines, guests have to fill in a medical questionnaire for Antarctica and North-East Greenland voyages and must also be checked by a doctor that you are a good health and can participate in the trip. The medical questionnaire will be provided in your booking confirmation. You must fill it out and personally hand it to the doctor on board. You may be denied on board if your medical questionnaire is not completed.

Medical Care

At all times on board, there is an English speaking doctor and one nurse for treatment of minor emergencies. In the occurrence of a serious emergency, the nearest hospital is notified. Medical consultations and medicines are calculated. Guests requiring medication must carry a sufficient amount of it themselves, including provisions for unforeseen delays. We recommend that you store your medication in your hand luggage with clear instructions. If you are taking vital medicines, please contact the ship's doctor. Diseases on board can make a quarantine is necessary. In this case, follow the instructions of the doctor and the captain. Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests.

Panorama Salon

Qilak is Greenlandic for "heaven", and so is also the saloon bar and library. In your big, comfortable desk chair, you can see through huge picture windows watching the ever-changing landscape.

Polarcircel Boat Landings

These rugged boats allow you to explore both on the water and on safe landings in areas normally completely inaccessible. You must be somewhat flexible and have a moderate level of fitness to be able to enter the boats. The team will instruct you, so that the processes are familiar to you quickly.


Smoking is allowed on board only in designated outdoor areas. Please do not smoke in your cabin and only use the provided ashtrays. It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts overboard. Prohibited smoking in the cabin will result in a fine of 1,500 NOK, which is charged to compensate for the extra effort needed to restore the cabin back to non smoking standards.

Travel Insurance

For UK Residents, please find information on our preferred partner travel insurance.

Restaurant and Kitchen

IMAQ, Greenlandic for "ocean", is the name of our restaurant, which offers panoramic views from every table. The open seating at the breakfast and lunch buffet creates a relaxed atmosphere. The fresh ingredients and seasonal products for your menus come, if possible, from the region and are flavoured by the fresh sea air. Your appetite will surely be satisfied.

Restaurant Services

On board you can enjoy a breakfast and lunch buffet. The dinner alternates between buffet and barbecue menu. The nature of the dinner will be announced daily. Your head waiter will instruct your table after your arrival. Details of your table number and meal times will be found when you arrive in the cabin. If you are vegetarian or diabetic or require special diets, please contact your travel agent at an early stage and speak to the head waiter. The chefs will do their best to fulfil your wishes. Beer, wine and soft drinks are available for purchase for lunch and dinner at the restaurant.


The on board shop provides some warm clothes, regional souvenirs and postcards. We also keep some cosmetics and products for personal use ready.

Safety On Board

The MS Fram meets all safety requirements and is classified for trips in the Arctic Ocean. Upon arrival, all passengers are familiarised with the safety procedures on board. A rescue plan can be found in your room which we suggest you familiarise yourself with. There are special safety regulations for the Polar Cirkel boats; please follow the instructions of the expedition leader and the team. All passengers will be provided with special life jackets for landings and these remain with you throughout the journey, so be sure to bring it with you to each landing. You will also receive a mandatory briefing on safety measures.


Announcements are given in English and German. Lectures are in English with simultaneous translation to German and Mandarin. In some occasions lectures will be given in German and translated simultaneously to English and Mandarin. Daily Programmes will be in English and German. There will be Mandarin, English, German and Nordic speaking staff on all explorer ships, except MS Nordstjernen where there will be English, French, German and Nordic speaking staff on board.  

Special Requests

Please inform us if you need to book special requirements (eg, diabetic food). We will do our best to meet all requests.

Suite Service

Our excellent suites on the MS Fram offer exceptional amenities such as a welcome gift, free drinks for lunch and dinner, including a carafe of chilled and filtered water. In your suite, you have a kettle, coffee, tea, sugar or sweetener and cream available. On arrival, you will find a small selection of free drinks in the minibar.


Hurtigruten know that many guests would like to honour the service of the staff on board. As a guideline, we recommend 80 NOK (about 9 euros, 12 USD) per person per day on average. Please use the form you will find in your cabin and give it to the purser 2 days before the end of travel. The money will be charged to your cruise card.


Relaxation and discovery are the focus of your trip. Our goal is to guide you in unique regions and to provide you with extraordinary experiences. Occasionally we provide musical entertainment in the evening.


A laundry service on MS Fram is available at reasonable prices. Dry cleaning is not possible.

Weather Conditions

Weather, ice and organizational factors determine the programme and itinerary. The planned route and consequent landings are subject to change. Hurtigruten reserves the right to change the itinerary due to changing weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.The information contained herein is subject to change.

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