From Antarctica to Svalbard - Prepare to Plant Your Flag!

In 1911, Roald Amundsen planted the Norwegian flag at the South Pole. Now it's time for you to plant yours.

A Symbol of Achievement

Planting a flag in the wilderness is a symbol of achievement. For some, climbing Mount Everest is worth planting a flag, while for others just getting through a night in a tent in the back yard might be worth celebrating. With Hurtigruten's new Explorer fleet, you will have the chance to plant your personal flag in some of the most exciting and remote areas in the world.

Discover the Hurtigruten Experience

  • With a history dating back to 1893, Hurtigruten are experts in operating in extreme conditions
  • Hurtigruten is at the global forefront of environmentally friendly and responsible adventures
  • Choose from countless action-packed and educational activities during your journey
  • Our Expedition vessels are specially designed for offering guests up-close wildlife and nature experiences

Explore in 2017/2018 and save

Discover Antarctica, Greenland, Canada, the Amazon or Europe departing in 2017/2018 and receive up to £500pp on board credit to spend. Make the most of your time sailing exotic shores and put this credit towards any purchase on board - be it a cabin upgrade, excursions, or souvenirs from the gift store. Read more here!

Meet our Explorers

We have challenged some great explorers to plant their flag for a cause they really care about. See who they are and how they are preparing to plant their flag on some of the most beautiful and extreme corners of the world.

Cecilie Skog and Aleksander Gamme 

Cecilie Skog is the only woman in the world to have reached The North Pole, The South Pole and the summit of Mount Everest. Her husband Aleksander Gamme is recognized as probably the most versatile expedition profile in Norway.

Johanna Davidsson 

Johanna Davidsson is a nurse by profession, but an explorer at heart. She is passionate about glacier guiding, mountain climbing, skiing, paddling and sailing. In other words, her idea of a perfect day is a day spent outdoors. 

Pete McBride and Tim Kemple

Pete McBride and Tim Kemple are both acclaimed photographers and filmmakers. Tim Kemple’s works have been published in dozens of outdoor publications and he has shot campaigns for North Face and Black Diamond, capturing extreme athletes in spectacular scenery. Pete McBride has spent two decades travelling the world, shooting for the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire and companies like Patagonia, Microsoft and The Nature Conservancy.

David Lindo

David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder, was born and raised in London where he now works as a broadcaster, writer, photographer, public speaker and tour leader.

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