MS Finnmarken: New deck plan

In early 2020, MS Finnmarken will be refurbished. This means that cabins and common areas will get a makeover, and new cabin grades will be added. As a result, the deck plan will vary depending on when you are travelling with us. Below you will see an overview of the deck plan after refurbishment.

Deck 2: On Deck 2 you will find the cargo deck and outside cabins with portholes, some with limited or no view.

FM_Deck 2_Refurb.PNG

Deck 3: On Deck 3 you will locate the Reception, Laundry, Gangway, Luggage area, and both inside and outside cabins. Outside cabins may have either portholes or windows.  

FM_Deck 3_Refurb.PNG

Deck 4: On Deck 4 the common areas will get a makeover, with new dining areas, a shop, and an Activity Center where the Expedition Team is located.

FM_Deck 4_Refurb.PNG

Deck 5: On Deck 5 is the Outdoor walking deck stretching right around the deck. There are inside and outside cabins as well as four mini suites. Cabins with windows may expect to see foot traffic passing by or have obstructed views due to the location of lifeboats.

FM_Deck 5_Refurb.PNG

Deck 6: On Deck 6 you will find an outside Observation deck at the stern, as well as outside cabins and balcony suites. Some outside cabins with windows may have limited or no view due to the location of the ship’s lifeboats.

FM_Deck 6_Refurb.PNG

Deck 7: On Deck 7 there are eight outside cabins. This is where you’ll find the Pool deck, Outdoor and indoor gyms, Sauna and Wellness area, as well as Fredheim restaurant.

FM_Deck 7_Refurb.PNG

Deck 8: On Deck 8 you’ll find five suites, the Observation deck, Outdoor BBQ area, and the Explorer lounge & bar.

FM_Deck 8_Refurb.PNG