Hurtigruten High Arctic Ski & Sail - Tromsø to Svalbard

Tromsø – Lyngen – Bjørnøya – Hornsund – Isfjorden – Billefjorden - Longyearbyen

Do you want to experience the most beautiful ski touring cruise in 2018? Join us for the ultimate ski and sail trip from Tromsø to Svalbard, including Bjørnøya. During eight days of sailing and six days of skiing you'll discover the extreme beauty of Arctic Norway and Svalbard on a ski cruise that takes you above and beyond. If we're lucky we might even see polar bears.

  • 6 days of skiing above the Arctic Circle, on Bear Island and Svalbard - the ultimate ski & sail program
  • Travel with experienced, local mountain guides and ski in smaller groups catered to your skill level (6 guests per guide)
  • Incredible atmosphere and unity on board a vintage ship with DJ and afterski on deck
  • Fantastic, local food from Norway's Coastal Kitchen


The ultimate Arctic skiing experience

Travel with Hurtigruten for a ski trip unlike anything else you've ever experienced. Arctic Ski & Sail - from Tromsø to Svalbard adds thrilling encounters with incredible mountains and randonnée skiing in some of the best skiing spots in northern Norway and the Arctic jewel, Svalbard. A custom made program with 6 days of skiing and 8 days of sailing, Hurtigruten Arctic Ski & Sail takes you to remote areas like Bjørnøya and other locations unknown to any off-piste skier around the globe. 

You will be taken from sea to summit, hiking spectacular peaks of more than 1000 metres overlooking the ocea. From summit to sea, cruising off-piste towards the bright blue Atlantic and Barents Ocean - this might just be the ultimate arctic skiing experience!

From beginners to experts

Not a professional skier? Don't worry - you don't have to be. By dividing participants into groups of six - each with their own mountain guide - this voyage caters to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned veterans. 

Oh, and did we mention that all the guides will be carrying rifles for polar bear protection on Bjørnøya and Svalbard? 

Skiing above the Arctic Circle in Norway, on Bear Island and Svalbard - under the midnight sun

Join us as we sail the most extreme and jagged part of the Norwegian and Svalbard coastline to bring you to Arctic skiing unlike anywhere else in the world. The days on this journey are filled with spectacular skiing, and you may encounter whales or polar bears while sitting on deck or while climbing the peaks. 

From Tromsø, the arctic capital, we embark on a voyage to Lyngen, Bjørnøya (Bear Island), Hornsund, Isfjorden and Billefjord - all excellent places for free skiing and great powder conditions. The best part: you will ski where few or no people have skied before you. And you basically have the whole mountain to yourself.

During May, the conditions will be stellar. The peaks are covered in snow, and the midnight sun gives us long days and rising temperatures.

We ski in areas few can reach

Your ship, MS Nordstjernen, will take you to our destinations every day. From the ship, we jump in our awesome PolarCircle tender boats and drive to shore where all equipment is waiting for you. Then we climb some mountains.

Bjørnøya is perhaps the most unique destination on this trip. Very few have been on the island and it has not been accessable for skiers until now. Beside 9 people and 3 dogs on a weather station north on the island, the only people on the island will be us.

The added feature of tender boats from ship to shore is new for the 2018 trip. It allows for greater flexibility and gives us rare access to mountains that are inaccessible for buses and cars - and where few have skied before you.

A typical day - Summit to Sea:

  • 07.00 – Good morning and breakfast. Make yourself a lunch pack. Preparation of equipment and self-service for ski waxing
  • 09.00 – Departure for randonee experience and briefing of day tours. Lunch pack at the summit
  • 16.00 – Return to ship and afterski on deck
  • 19.00 – Dinner and evening briefing
  • 21.00 – Meeting with the guides

Returning to the ship after a long day, you'll quickly realize why MS Nordstjernen is one of the most cherished ships in the fleet. With rich wood features and small but cosy cabins, the ship's unique atmosphere makes this the most amazing basecamp in Norway. Another benefit is the size of the aft deck, perfect for a good afterski party with likeminded people - adventurous and friendly skiers from all over the world.

The food: Norway's Coastal Kitchen

Cruises aren't exactly known for having great food, but at Hurtigruten we do things differently. Our Norway's Coastal Kitchen concept only uses food from local producers in the area. The chefs take advantage of the fact that we sail through some of the world´s richest fishing grounds and along fertile coastal farmland, to source fresh local produce and create generous portions of mouthwatering Norwegian cuisine. Your taste buds are in for a treat.

Quick facts about Hurtigruten Arctic Ski & Sail - Svalbard:


MS Nordstjernen


  • Friday 06 May 2018


  • Departure day 1: 17:30
  • Arrival day 9, late night/early in the morning: 00:30 in Longyearbyen


  • Hours of skiing per day: 7 (on average)
  • Mountain climb: 500-1000+ meters (depending on level)
  • Areas: Lyngen, Bjørnøya, Hornsund, Isfjorden and Billefjorden
  • Peaks per day: 1 or 2 (depending on level)

Practical information:


  • 9-day (8 nights) cruise from Tromsø to Longyearbyen
  • Ski-touring: Guided trips in smaller groups of max. 6 guests with certified guides, including all transport 
  • All meals included
  • Tender boat transport from ship to shore

Not included:

  • Flights to Tromsø and from Longyearbyen
  • Equipment: you must bring (or rent) your own hiking gear, clothing, ski touring gear and avalanche equipment

Equipment and packing

Your equipment will not be accessible while on board the ship due to limited space, but will be brought to shore for you every morning.

You may rent skitouring gear from our equipment partner, as well as avalanche gear for advanced hikes from the mountain guides, which will be delivered on board the ship. This must all be booked in advance, after you have booked your trip. Book in advance and the equipment will be waiting for you at the dock.

More information and prices to follow.

Travel light and smart

  • Pack your skis, etc. in a ski bag (this will not be available for you until the next morning), your usual hiking backpack and a bag with the rest of the equipment and clothing (e.g. 100 L recommended). The cabins have limited space.

  • For domestic flights in Norway you pay extra for your ski bag (special luggage), so fill up your ski bag with skis, hiking poles, skins, alpine axe, crampons, boots, etc. to reduce weight from your normal luggage. The same rules apply on the flight from Longyearbyen. Please remember your passport.

  • For domestic flights you may also bring your hiking backpack on the plane (no knives, etc. of course). Your bag with other gear should be no more than 20 kilos if you want to avoid paying for heavy luggage.

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The itinerary

This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

2 April and 23 April 2017

Departs from Tromsø, Norway
Day 1

In the Arctic Capital

Location: Tromsø

On Sunday you will board MS Nordstjernen in Tromsø, the largest city in Northern Norway with 71.000 inhabitants. If you arrive early, there are plenty of cultural and historic sites in and around Tromsø for you to enjoy. Especially the famous Cathedral Ishavskatedralen is worth a visit. The ship leaves Tromsø harbor at six o’clock heading for Senja and Gryllefjorden and an action packed first day. Dinner is served at seven o’clock. Remember to get some sleep!

Day 2

Hitting the mountains!

Location: Lyngen

Lyngsalpene, a mountain area on the Lyngen Peninsula about 60 kilometres west of Tromsø, is a dream destination for skiers. It's a landscape of contrasts where you can experience deep fjords, a green coastline, alpine meadows with boulders, cold rivers, Arctic fauna and birdlife and, of course, wild mountains.

The region, with its 124 peaks above 1000 meters, is Northern Europe's most pronounced big mountain area. The white peaks of the Lyngen Alps have attracted the interest of climbers and mountaineers since the 19th Century. The Lyngen Alps are famous around the world for its excellent skiing and breathtaking landscape, both horizontal and vertical, torn and wild, with narrow valleys, open fields and deep fjords.

Your day in Lyngen:

If you likes to do off piste skiing in wild and adventures terrain, this is the ultimate place. Large, steep mountains between 1100 and 1800 metres offer lots of variety and good skiing straits down to the arctic sea.

After breakfast and transfer to shore by PolarCirkel boats, it's off to the slopes for skiing from 9 AM to 4 PM. We return to the ship for afterski, dinner and guide meetings. We anchor at Kvaløya/Ersfjorden around midnight.

Day 3

Heading towards the Polar bear region!

Location: At sea

Be on the lookout for wildlife like whales, seals and birdlife as we make our way north.

Day 4

Where no one else ski!

Location: Bjørnøya (Bear Island)

Your day on Bear Island/Bjørnøya

Enjoy breakfast and make lunch, transfer by PolarCirkel boats to the beach, and then head off to the slopes for skiing from 09.00 til 16.00.

Our goal is to visit the famous Misery mountain chain on Bear Island. Very few have been on the island and it has not been accessable for skiers until now. Urd is the highest peak of the three peaks of the chain, with 536 meters above sea level. The summit to sea descent offers both spectacular high level skiing and also variations of soft descents.

Beside 9 people and 3 dogs on a weather station north on the island, the only people on the island will be us.

Day 5-6

The land of polar bears

Location: Hornsund, Svalbard

Your day in Hornsund:

Enjoy breakfast and make lunch, transfer by PolarCirkel boats to the beach, and then head off to the slopes for skiing from 09.00 til 16.00.

The Hornsund fjord offers peaks like Hornsundtind of 1431 meters above sea level. A lot of remainings from the hunting period is present, so look out for the great wildlife. If we are lucky we might see a polar bear. The fjord is surrounded by spectacular mountains and it's up to us to pick the best spot. Hornsund is made for skiing and we explore this area for two whole skiing days.

Day 7

The views of Svalbard

Location: Isfjorden (Trygghavna), Svalbard

Your day in Isfjorden:

Enjoy breakfast and make lunch, transfer by PolarCirkel boats to the beach, and then head off to the slopes for skiing from 09.00 til 16.00.

Trygghavna is the playground for those fortunate with boats late in the winter season on Svalbard. This area is so sheltered for weather and a perfect spot to do sea to summit on both sides of the fjord. On the summit you will be able to see Barentsburg across Isfjorden and the magnificent Alkehornet in the enterance to Trygghavna, as well as the whole Trollheimen glacier area

Day 8

Where weapons are the safety equipement

Location: Billefjorden

Your day on Billefjorden:

Enjoy breakfast and make lunch, transfer by PolarCirkel boats to the beach, and then head off to the slopes for skiing from 09.00 til 16.00.

From Billefjorden you can look over to the Russian settlement Pyramiden. On our way in we'll pass the impressive cliffs in Skansbukta and the mighty Tempelfjellet. If you look at the map, Billefjorden almost cuts Svalbard in half, right in the middle of the island.

Day 9

Back to the settlement

Location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard

You may leave Longyearbyen by night/very early morning or you can stay on board till 08:00. Our last day will be spent optional exploring Longyearbyen before returning mid day to the mainland of Norway

Your day on Longyearbyen:

Enjoy a snack breakfast and check out, transfer by bus downtown or to the airport for your flight back home. 

Arrival 14 May 2018

Location Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Life on board

Our ship and ports on this route

MS Nordstjernen holds the status as one of the most cherished ships in the fleet thanks to her nostalgic and classical charm combined with modern comfort. On this voyage she will sail from Tromsø.

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