Voyage of the Vikings

Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

The Vikings - a people hell bent on barbaric raiding and pillaging or forward-thinking, philanthropic tradesmen and explorers?

  • Enjoy on board lectures
  • Experience history on land in Trondheim
  • Hear the sagas of Norsemen in the Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands
  • Join the chieftain in a Viking longhouse for a traditional Viking feast


On this voyage you can find out more about these fascinating people, their empire and their legacy. During your 12-day Classic Round Voyage, a Viking expert, will be giving lectures on board as well as leading tours and excursions on land.

As you sail from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, your on board lecture programme will include themes such as 'Who were the Vikings?,' a socio-economic look at the Vikings as a people; 'Viking Treasures,' a talk about the Viking's drive for wealth and furtunes; and 'Vikings and the North Way,': The coastal voyages of Ottar,' a history of Ottar, the northern chieftain who left accounts of his voyages north and east to Russia.

We'll follow the regular Hurtigruten route, calling at the old Viking capital, Trondheim. Here, you will join our Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral excursion (included in your voyage) taking you under the skin of this charming city and its magnificant Gothic house of worship. Founded around 997AD by the Viking King Olav Tryggvason, Trondheim has grown to be Norway's second largest city but has retained the charm and warmth of a provincial town with its handsome civic architecture, colourful wooden wharfs and the wooden royal palace of Stiftsgården. Nidaros Cathedral is the final resting place of King Olav who was later canonised and is now Norway's patron saint.

We'll also sail through the Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands, an area rich with sagas of the Norsemen. It is here that you can enjoy our Viking Feast excursion (this is not included in the price of this voyage, be sure to add this excursion during the online booking process for the complete Viking experience). Join the chieftain and his wife in a reconstruction of the largest Viking longhouse ever discovered. Here you will be regaled with stories and given traditional Viking food & drink.

From here, we sail the coastline north to Kirkenes on the Russian border. En route we'll be stopping at the friendly university town of Tromsø, the world's northernmost town, Hammerfest and the gateway to the North Cape, Honningsvåg.

As we make our way south, a midnight call in Tromsø allows you the chance to go ashore and enjoy the spectacle of the midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral.

Further down the coast we enjoy a daylight sailing through the spectacular narrow channel, the Raftsund, a possible diversion into the even narrower Trollfjord and impressive vistas of the Helgeland coast with the Seven Sisters mountain range.

Extend Your Stay in Oslo

At the end of your voyage, it is possible to extend your stay with a visit to Norway's modern capital, Oslo and enjoy a visit to their Viking Museum, home to genuine relics of the Viking age including a full-size longboat.

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The itinerary

Learn more about what you will experience on the Voyage of the Vikings. The day-by-day programme will give you a few ideas about what you can see and do on your coastal voyage, but bear in mind that this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary, which is why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

22 September 2017

Departure port Bergen, Norway
Day 1
1200x600_Bergen_©Mark and Anna Wilson - Shutterstock_Day 1.png
Photo: Mark and Anna Wilson Photo

The adventure begins

Location: Bergen

Our starting point, Bergen, is a harbour town established by the Viking King Olav Haraldsson lll more than nine hundred years ago. Today it is a central point for Norwegian travel, yet has retained a great deal of local character and history. As you walk along the Bryggen quay side you will discover buildings with seaward-facing gables dating back to the fourteenth century.

Day 2
1200x600_Molde_©Tim Couttreel - Guest image_Day 2.png
Photo: Tim Couttreel / Guest Photo Photo

Autumn colours and Art Nouveau

Location: Ålesund

Wake up to the breathtaking beauty of Norway in its autumn colours as we cross the open west cape and head for Torvik. Heading further inland, we will visit the stunning Hjørundfjord. This fjord’s seclusion and unspoiled natural features; steep rock walls and green meadows are interspersed with mountain farms and small villages. After a call at the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Ålesund, we continue to Molde with its magnificent views of the Romsdal Alps - probably covered by the year’s first snow.

Day 3
1200x600_Kristiansund_©Maggie Strutt - Guest image_Day 3.png
Photo: Maggie Strutt / Guest Photo Photo

The Royal City

Location: Trondheim

Trondheim, Norway’s first capital, is a jewel of a city that you’ll have time to explore. Discover its secrets by strolling through its charming streets, sitting by the peaceful harbour, or crossing the old city bridge to see the restored wooden buildings of Bakklandet.

Day 4
1200x600_Reine, Lofoten_©Kochneva Tetyana - Shutterstock_Day 4.png
Photo: Kochneva Tetyana Photo

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Location: Lofoten Islands

This morning we cross the Arctic Circle. Passengers sailing in Arctic waters for the first time are given an Arctic Circle baptism. In the evening we reach Svolvær, the main settlement on the Lofoten Islands. Step back into history at an authentic Lofotr Viking Feast (optional excursion) which takes place in an impressive reconstruction of the largest Viking house ever found.

Day 5
1200x600_Tromsø_©David Gonzalez_Day 5.png
Photo: David Gonzalez Photo

Gateway to the Arctic

Location: Tromsø

Today you can enjoy the view of a diverse countryside of farmland, pine trees and magnificent peaks. In the early afternoon we arrive for a longer stay in Tromsø, known as the Gateway to the Arctic.

Day 6
1200x600_Nordkapp_©Kateryna Moskalenko - Shutterstock_Day 6.png
Photo: Kateryna Moskalenko Photo

71° 10’ 21” N

Location: Honningsvåg

Breathe in the crisp, clean air while watching a landscape that is austere in its beauty. After an early stop in Hammerfest, we arrive in Honningsvåg. This is the gateway to the spectacular North Cape which rises 300 metres from the ocean, and at 71° 10’ 21” N puts you a mere 2 000 kilometres from the Geographical North Pole. In the evening we will pass a rock formation that is sacred to the indigenous Sámi people, Finnkirka.

Day 7
1200x600_Kirkenes_©Ørjan Bertelsen_Day 7.png
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen Photo

The turning point

Location: Kirkenes

The last port on the northbound voyage is Kirkenes, and at 30° E you are actually further east than Istanbul and St. Petersburg. Due to its location close to the border with Russia and Finland this little town is quite lively.

Day 8
1200x600_Hammerfest_©Ørjan Bertelsen_Day 8.png
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen Photo

Savour the nightlife

Location: Hammerfest

Start the day with breakfast at the North Cape (optional excursion). After calling at Honningsvåg and Havøysund, we stop in Hammerfest, the world’s northernmost town. We continue south to Øksfjord, where a glacier calves directly into the sea, and after crossing open water, we will stop at the old trading post of Skjervøy. We dock in Tromsø just in time to savour its nightlife.

Day 9
1200x600_Raftsundet_©Nina Helland_Day 9.png
Photo: Nina Helland Photo

Stunning scenery

Location: Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands

The island groups of Lofoten and Vesterålen offer some of the most stunning scenery you will see during your coastal voyage. Enjoy the shallow waters of the Risøyrenna Channel where sand banks are visible through the clear, green water. The ship will then negotiate the narrow Raftsund. If time and weather permit it, we’ll take a detour into the spectacular Trollfjord where sheer cliffs hug the ship’s sides, before heading on to Svolvær.

Day 10
1200x600_UNESCO Vega Archipelago (Sandnessjøen), Neshavna_©Rita Johansen_Topaz_Day 10.png

Crystalline waters

Location: Arctic Circle

From Ørnes we sail through crystalline waters framed by a landscape that is preparing for winter. Crossing the Arctic Circle once more, we pass the charming port of Sandnessjøen, and on the approach to Brønnøysund you can see the mythical Seven Sisters Mountains.

Day 11
1200x600_Trondheim_©Jan Menge - Guest image_Day 11.png
Photo: Jan Menge / Guest Photo Photo

City of roses

Location: Trondheim

Today gives you another opportunity to see the sights of Trondheim including the Nidaros Cathedral, Scandinavia’s largest medieval building. As we cross the open sea to Molde, known as the ‘city of roses,’ you will notice the steep, grey, pointed peaks of the Romsdal Alps glinting in the sun.

Day 12
1200x600_Ålesund_©Dave Derbis - Guest image_Day 12.png
Photo: Dave Derbis / Guest Photo Photo

The final chapter of the fairytale

Location: Trondheim

During the night, the ship will call at Torvik, Maløy, and Florø as the ‘world’s most beautiful voyage’ starts to draw to a close. Yet, ahead we still have plenty of west Norway’s spectacular scenery to enjoy. You will disembark from your Norwegian Coastal Voyage in Bergen, taking with you memories of a unique autumn journey.

3 October 2017

Location Trondheim, Norway
Your ship Things to see and do

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