Explore Norway with the experts

Two great ways to discover our coast in 2021 and 2022.

The Original Coastal Voyage since 1893

– Visit 34 coastal ports

In autumn we sail into the beautiful Hjørundfjord

We have sailed along Norway's coast for over 125 years and have become an integral part of life along the coast. Join us on a journey of this historic route ranging from historic cities to idyllic villages.

Explore all Original Voyages Explore all Original Voyages
In autumn we sail into the beautiful Hjørundfjord

NEW: Expedition Cruises in Norway

– Handpicked itineraries with premium ships

Our expert Expedition Team love to share their knowledge.

Our new Expedition cruises take you on a journey through carefully selected pearls of the Norwegian coast. Come closer to nature with longer port stays, expert guidance and included activities in some of the most iconic destinations in the country.

Our expert Expedition Team love to share their knowledge.

Bergen - North Cape - Bergen (12 days)

Choose between three unique seasons and embark on an unforgettable expedition cruise. Visit deep fjords, colourful fishing villages and remote natural beauty. 

> Summer (May - September): Fjords and Midnight Sun Expedition

> Winter (October - February): Arctic Winter and Northern Lights Expedition

> Spring (March - April): White Winter Expedition


Encounter some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth.
Marvel at that wonder of natural wonders, the Northern Lights.

Dover - North Cape - Dover: Northern Lights and Fjords Expedition (14 days)

October - March: Sail in search of the magical aurora in a winter landscape of fjords, mountains and breathtaking Arctic beauty.

> See cruise itinerary

Hamburg - North Cape - Hamburg: Fjords and Arctic Summer Expedition (15 days)

May - September: Discover some of the most beautiful coastline on Earth beneath the glow of the Midnight Sun.

> See cruise itinerary

Our Expedition Ships

– Pioneering spirit, comfort and modern cuisine

Science Center

Cruise aboard one of our fully refurbished expedition ships and benefit from the knowledge, skill and experience of our professional Expedition Teams.

Science Center

New Expedition Fleet

All our Expedition ships provide first-rate comfort. They have advanced Science Centers and three onboard restaurants inspired by Norwegian exploration heritage.

> MS Otto Sverdrup

> MS Eirik Raude

> MS Maud

9 exciting new destinations

Visit the unique island community of Træna.

We have chosen nine handpicked, exclusive ports for you to explore along the Norwegian coast, at the very best time to be there.

Visit the unique island community of Træna.

1. Lofoten (Reine & Å) 

The breathtaking fishing village of Reine is one of the most photographed sites in Norway. Red fishermen’s cabins, beautiful sea views and mountains that seem to go on forever await you in the small village of Å.

2. Vesterålen 

Experience the remote, unique and spectaclar beauty of the Vesterålen islands.

3. Senja

Senja is locally known as the «fairytale island», with peaks rising directly from the Norwegian Sea.

Join exciting hiking excursions in the Vesterålen islands.
Experience the wild and remote Lyngenfjord region.

4. Lyngen Alps & Havnnes 

In the Lyngen fjord, among the stunning Lyngen Alps, lies the charming historical trading post of Havnnes.

5. Træna

Træna is a beautiful group of islands far out at sea. Join us for an incredible musical experience in a majestic natural cave.

6. Alta 

Alta is called The Capital of Northern Lights. In season, this is the ideal place to experience the Aurora.

7. Fjærland

The largest glacier on mainland Europe meets the longest and deepest fjord in Norway in the lovely village of Fjærland.

8. Narvik

Nestled between tall mountains and deep fjords, Narvik offers an unforgettable view from the scenic cable car.

9. Stavanger 

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway, surrounded by beautiful fjords, mountains and white sand beaches. Take a walk in the charming old town.

Follow a mountain trail and touch the icy fingers of a glacier.

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Lofoten's jagged mountain tops are perfect for great hikes and stunning views

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Lofoten's jagged mountain tops are perfect for great hikes and stunning views