From Canada to Greenland - Crossing Baffin Bay

St. Johns, Canada - Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Join us on a 15-day Arctic expedition and discover the unspoiled regions on both sides of Baffin Bay. Starting in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, we’ll see remarkable archaeological remains and gain insight into Viking history before exploring Baffin Island and crossing the Bay to Greenland. This voyage is a true Arctic playground for outdoor enthusiasts!

  • Experience both Canada and Greenland, territory first mapped on the Fram 2 Expedition led by Otto Sverdup from 1898 to 1902
  • See archaeological remains and L'anse Aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only Norse settlement in North America
  • Stay active with our wide range of exciting excursions and engage in fascinating lectures from our onboard Expedition Team
  • Discover the grand wild landscapes of Baffin Island, homeland to the Inuit and outdoor adventures


This expedition starts in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. We will visit places where you can see remarkable archaeological remains, and get an insight into the very interesting history of the Vikings.

Stunning Arctic Scenery and Warm-Hearted People

As we travel north, you will experience seemingly endless and truly wild tundra, taiga forests, scenic mountains, majestic rivers and countless lakes. This unspoiled region is home to a rich array of plants, fish and other wildlife, each species uniquely adapted to the North. Baffin Island is the spectacular homeland of the Inuit people and an accessible Arctic playground for the adventurous. This area, now known as "Nunavut", has supported a continuous indigenous population for over 4 000 years.

Crossing Baffin Bay to Greenland

In Greenland, you'll have the chance to touch an iceberg with your bare hands and marvel at the power of nature in Ilulissat Icefjord. With daily landings and excursions including kayaking, hiking and other activities, you will discover the authentic Greenland and really meet the people who call it home.

Your holiday price includes

  • Hurtigruten Expedition voyage in cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • Transfer ship to airport in Kangerlussauq including excursion towards Icecap and dinner
  • Economy flight Kangerlussaq to Copenhagen 
  • Wind- and water-resistant jacket
  • Landings and activities on board and ashore
  • Professional English-speaking Expedition Team that gives lectures as well as accompany landings and activities
  • Free tea and coffee

Not included

  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage handling
  • Optional Excursions and Gratuities


  • Prices are in GBP  per person
  • All planned landings are subject to weather and ice conditions
  • All itineraries are subject to change
  • Rubber boots rental service on board free of charge
  • Medical questionnaire mandatory 

The itinerary

This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions will determine our schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the final sailing itinerary during the voyage. Hence, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

24 July 2017

Departure port St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Day 1
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Full of character

Location: St. John's, Newfoundland

Your adventure starts in St. John's, the oldest and most easterly city in North America. The town still embodies the spirit of an old fishing village and its narrow streets and hidden alleyways are full of character and experience. 

Day 2
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Whales galore

Location: Cruising the Coast of Newfoundland, Canada

With its tiny seaside communities, encompassing forests, freshwater fjords, bogs, barren lowlands, and striking cliffs and shorelines, this area is world-renowned for its complex geology. The wildlife is amazing with large seabird colonies, huge moose and caribou populations, and a rich marine life including several species of whales. With some 10,000 humpback whales visiting the area every year, don’t be surprised if you inadvertently capture a whale in a photograph you take on deck!  

Day 3
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Viking remains

Location: L'anse Aux Meadows, Canada

In L'Anse aux Meadows you'll find the first known evidence of European presence in America. It is here that a Norse expedition built a small camp around 1,000 years ago. In 1960, two Norwegian archaeologists started excavating in this area and discovered the fascinating remains of a Viking camp. In 1979, L'Anse aux Meadows became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the recreated camp, you can see original artefacts from this internationally renowned archaeological find.

Day 4
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One for the outdoor enthusiasts

Location: Cruising the Coast of Labrador

We will spend three days sailing along the coast of Labrador and exploring this area. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hiking along the trails and the countless miles of wilderness to explore, while others will appreciate learning more about the history, cultures and traditions of the area at the numerous his­toric sites we will visit. 

Day 5
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Underwater wonders

Location: Cruising the Coast of Labrador

One of the places we may visit is Red Bay. The discovery of the wrecks of whale-hunting galleons and chalupas has made Red Bay one of the most exquisite underwater archaeological sites in America. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Day 6
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The place of the whales

Location: Crusing the Coast of Labrador, Canada

We may also visit the picturesque town of Rigolet, the southernmost Inuit community in the world. This small, isolated town has a population of just 300 and cannot be accessed by road. However, it is accessible by ship all year around, and in wintertime also via snowmobile. We offer several outings here: You can explore the beautiful waters in a speedboat or go fishing, riding or whale watching. We may also visit Hopedale, originally the Inuit settlement of Agvituk, meaning 'the place of the whales', and Hebron, a former Moravian mission and the northernmost settlement in Labrador.

Day 7
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An Arctic outdoor playground

Location: Baffin Island

Baffin Island is a great, wild landscape, the spectacular homeland of Inuit and an accessible Arctic playground for the adventurous. The vast geographical area that is now fondly known as 'Nunavut' has supported a continuous indigenous population for over 4,000 years. 

Day 8
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Place of black rocks

Location: Baffin Island

Most historians today identify Baffin Island as the 'Helluland' (place of black rocks) described in ancient Norse sagas. It is believed that both the Dorset and Thule inhabitants of the region had regular contact with Norse sailors over 1,000 years ago. 

Day 9
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Viking reminants

Location: Baffin Island

Viking artefacts have been discovered on Baffin Island, including architectural materials, yarn spun from a hare, tally sticks, and a carved wooden face mask depicting white European features. 

Day 10
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Recharge at sea

Location: Baffin Bay

As we cruise towards Greenland, you can enjoy lectures, the view from the observation lounge or simply relax with a good book. 

Day 11
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The volcanic island

Location: Exploring Northwest Greenland

Qeqertarsuaq is the only town situated on the old volcanic island of Disko. The area offers amazing Arctic experiences. Join optional excursions such as a tour of the town, kayaking or an ice cruising boat tour. If you appreciate archaeology and history, you should definitely pay a visit to the local museum in Qasigiannguit. 

Day 12
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Icebergs in Ilulissat

Location: Exploring Northwest Greenland

Today, you will have a unique opportunity to witness the true power of nature on a visit to the Eqip Sermia Glacier, which calves icebergs into the open ocean. The town of Ilulissat in the Ilulissat Icefjord was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. See enormous icebergs at the mouth of the fjord and enjoy a variety of optional shore excursions such as hikes, historic town walks and a boat tour to the Icefjord.

Day 13
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The hollow

Location: Exploring Northwest Greenland

Itilleq means 'the hollow', and as its name suggests, this small settlement is situated in a hollow, majestically surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. With the Arctic Circle passing just 200 metres south of the village centre, Itilleq can rightly claim the title of ‘the Arctic Circle Village’. The 130 people who live here are mainly engaged in hunting and fishing activities.

Day 14
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Ice wastelands

Location: Kangerlussuaq/Copenhagen

As we reach Kangerlussuaq, your expedition comes to an end. Take the opportunity to join a final excursion to the Greenland Ice Sheet, a vast icy wasteland stretching 1,500 miles north. Your plane to Copenhagen leaves late in the evening.

Day 15
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Good morning Scandinavia

Location: Copenhagen

You arrive in the Danish capital early in the morning and may even have the time to explore "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen" before you head home. 

7 August 2017

Location Copenhagen, Denmark
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