– Magnificent cities and hidden gems
A small boat in a body of water
  • Exploring hidden treasures
    Sailing to smaller ports and secluded natural wonders, Hurtigruten shows you the hidden delights of less-visited parts of Europe.
  • Fascinating history
    Visit unforgettable UNESCO sites and historic ports. Get close to local culture on a truly unique voyage of discovery.
  • See, stroll, hike, dine
    Go ashore in a variety of magnificent cities. Go on scenic hikes and enjoy authentic culinary experiences.
  • Excursions and learning
    Join fascinating lectures on board and exciting adventures off the ship to reveal all the beautiful secrets of Europe.
A small boat in a body of water
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A group of people walking in front of a building
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A small boat in a body of water with a city in the background
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Cruises in Europe

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Explore Europe

Explore vibrant and exciting cities like Lisbon

Visit historically important cities, towns and cultural sites in the homelands of many great explorers. Nansen, Amundsen, Shackleton, Scott, Nordenskiöld and Cagni. Several of the great polar explorers came from Europe, where the coastline offers great diversity in climate, culture and people.

Explore vibrant and exciting cities like Lisbon

South to north 

You will experience almost the entire Atlantic coastline. Hurtigruten's southernmost port is Cadiz, Spain, and the northernmost disembarkation for European sailing (as distinct from Hurtigruten Coastal Norway) is Tromsø, the Gateway to the Arctic. Along the route you will find the richest historic settings in the northern hemisphere and discover hidden pearls of the Norwegian coastline.

UNESCO Word Heritage sites

In the south, we visit a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including old Spanish and Portuguese ports. Ancient churches and castles give evidence of the strong feudal traditions that governed European life, until the birth of the national states during the late medieval period.

French and British culture merge in the English Channel, while the ports of Germany, the BeNeLux countries and the Baltics offer a mix of urban communities and rural settlements.

See rare Gothic paintings inside Mondoñedo Cathedral.
Learn the secrets of small-scale cheese production - and taste it!

Cultural and natural variety

Take in the feel of old capitals like Lisbon, the distinctive traditional Spanish ports, the jet-set aura of the British Channel Islands and the urbanity of Amsterdam. Continuing north on an explorer voyage takes you to Norwegian coastal communities otherwise ignored by the major cruise lines. Here you get to know the locals, taste their food and listen to their stories. You can experience small islands and rich animal life from a kayak or a fisherman's boat.