Explore the South Atlantic, Antarctica and Patagonia

Patagonia, Argentina - Cape Horn and Chilean fjords

Experience untouched landscapes and dramatic icebergs at their best early in the season. This wildlife adventure is a haven for whale watchers and spotting sea pups and lions, dusky dolphins and migrating penguins. From Montevideo, MS Midnatsol takes you on an 18-day expedition to Peninsula Valdes, then on to the Falkland Islands before reaching the final frontier - Antarctica. Our return journey sees us visit Cape Horn and the wild fjords of Chile en route to our final destination, Punta Arenas.

  • Journey to destinations where few places on the planet can match the incredible experiences with wildlife and nature
  • Witness a haven for native wildlife including penguins returning from sea to nest and an abundance of whales
  • Embark on an expedition early in the season when Antarctica is at its most white and pristine
  • Join our extensive onboard programme including lectures on popular science topics and access to the science and photo centres


We start in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, where you can join a city tour before heading towards Antarctica. Here, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Peninsula Valdés is the first stop. This is one of the wildlife highlights of Argentina where you can see some of the largest marine animals in their natural environment. Next up is Puerto Madryn where you can join excursions like whale watching or hikes in the wonderful surroundings. Then we set our course for the Falkland Islands, where we use small boats to go ashore for exploring, hiking or bird watching safaris and visit Stanley, the capital of the Falklands.

Ashore in spectacular Antarctica

In Antarctica you will experience everything from landings in spectacular surroundings to theme days on board. You can also enjoy field days, kayaking and explore the waters and ice in small boats. Turning back we pass Cape Horn, which seafarers - before the Panama Canal - had to pass in order to cross from one side of the Americas to the other. Here we even try to make a landing, despite its reputation of high seas and challenging conditions. Via the Chilean fjords we reach Punta Arenas where the next thing is to say farewell and board your flight home.

Price includes:

  • Cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • One hotel night in Montevideo before the voyage including breakfast
  • Transfer from hotel to ship in Montevideo including orientation tour
  • Transfer from ship to airport in Punta Arenas
  • Economy flight between Punta Arenas and Santiago de Chile
  • Wind and water resistant jacket
  • Landings with Polarcirkel boats and activities onboard and ashore
  • Professional English speaking Expedition team that gives lectures as well as accompanying landings and activities
  • Free tea and coffee

Not included: 

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage handling
  • Optional excursions and gratuities


  • Prices are in GBP per person
  • All planned landings are subject to weather and ice conditions
  • All itineraries are subject to change
  • Medical questionnaire mandatory
  • Free rubber boot rental service on board

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The itinerary

This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions will determine our schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the final sailing itinerary during the voyage. Hence, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

25 October 2016 and 22 October 2017

Departure port Montevideo, Uruguay
Day 1
Photo: Shutterstock Photo

Colonial centres

Location: Montevideo

You start the voyage with an overnight stay in Montevideo. Visit the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) with its 18th century buildings, the vibrant Mercado del Puerto, the bustling Avenida 18 de Julio with its numerous theatres, museums and art galleries, and the stretch of white, sandy beaches surrounding the city.

Day 2
Montevideo_ ©Shutterstock_Day 2._1200x600.png

All aboard

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

The next morning you embark the MS Midnatsol, and the adventure begins!

Day 3

Your basecamp at sea

Location: South Atlantic Ocean

Spending a day at sea sailing south towards the Peninsula Valdez. Take the time to get to know your fellow adventurers, check out the Explorer room or just enjoy the views from the deck. Your Expedition Team will offers fascinating and informative briefings into the history and biology to be seen.

Day 4
Photo: Shutterstock Photo

Wildlife highlights

Location: Peninsula Valdez

You can look forward to our one and half day stay in the Valdés region. This is one of the wildlife highlights of Argentina where you can experience some of the largest marine animals in their natural environment. We will also pay a visit to the amazing Puerto Madryn.

Day 5
Peninsula Valdez_ ©Shutterstock_Day 5_1200x600.png

Nature at it's best

Location: Peninsula Valdez

The Valdez Peninsula is a fauna reservation that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Situated on Argentina's barren eastern Patagonian coast, this oddly shaped peninsula is home to some of the country's richest wildlife, with elephant seals, magellanic penguins, the southern right whale and a great vatiety of birds.

Day 6
Photo: Trond Gransmoe Johnsen Photo

Setting course

Location: South Atlantic Ocean

We set course south to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, located 772 kilometres north of Cape Horn and about 1,600 kilometres from Antarctica. Whilst we are at sea a number of presentations will be given about the history and wildlife in the region.

Day 7
Photo: Marsel van Oosten Photo

Meet the locals

Location: Falkland Islands

The Falklands Islands consist of two large islands and around 700 smaller ones with an estimated 3,000 inhabitants. As we reach the westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands you will see remote farms that have been family owned for six or seven generations. The sheep graze alongside immense colonies of albatross and rockhopper, penguins while predatory striated caracaras patrol overhead and upland geese forage at the water’s edge. We will visit a local family and enjoy cakes and refreshments.

Day 8
Falklands_ ©Theme media_Hilde Foss_Day 8-1200x600.png

Up close and personal with the penguins

Location: Falkland Islands

The Falklands are teeming with wonders of wildlife and nature. This is an unpolluted environment with fantastically clear blue skies, seamless horizons, vast open spaces and stunning white sand beaches. The penguins will approach you close up, stop and take a glance, before continuing on their way in total disregard to your presence, giving you some great photo opportunities! 

Day 9
Port Stanley_ ©Arnau Ferrer_day 5_1200x600.png

Explore by foot

Location: Falkland Islands

Stanley, the islands’ capital, makes a wonderful starting point for the various excursions we offer in the area. The town is easy enough to discover in a day on foot as shops and services are all centred on the port, including Stanley's lively pubs.

Day 10
1200x600_Drake Passage_©Hurtigruten_day3-4-14-15.png
Photo: Hurtigruten Photo

Prepare to be amazed

Location: South Atlantic Ocean

Tomorrow we are in Antarctica! You will soon enough find out if your inner image of Antarctica fits reality. We will fill the day with preparatory exercises – titbits of information that give you the best possible “canvas” on which to paint your experiences. Our curated Polar film festival will continue in the lecture hall. 

Days 11-14
1200x600_Antarctica_©Dominic Barrington_day11-14.png
Photo: Dominic Barrington Photo

Isolated Antarctic bliss

Location: Antarctica

Now you are in one of the most remote areas of the world! We will visit places that were occupied by whalers in the past and explore the endless white surroundings. Come ashore and join our expedition team to see the penguins, seals and possibly whales up close; enjoy field days, kayaking and exploring the waters and ice in small boats.

Weather, wind and ice conditions dictate our programme and schedule. Safety is always the first priority and the captain will decide the final sailing schedule during the voyage. While in Antarctica, we will attempt to land on several sites. Among the places we will see are Cuverville Island, home to one of the largest known colonies of gentoo penguins. We may also explore Neko Harbour, beautifully located in the inner part of Andvord Bay; Paradise Harbour which got its descriptive name from the whalers during the last century; Wilhelmina Bay or “Whale-mina Bay” as it is called due to its spectacular scenery and humpback whales in December; the floating ice of the Antarctic Sound; and Brown Bluff, recognisable by the 750-metre high cliffs that dominate the landscape. After exploring this superlative-exhausting continent, we set course for South America again.

Day 15
Drake Passage_ ©Shutterstock_Steve Allen_Day 14_1200x600 copy.png

Following polar explorers

Location: Drake Passage

The Drake Passage was notorious among the early polar explorers and is a unique voyage which only a few have had the chance to experience. You can use this days at sea to recap your experiences, sort your photos or simply relax on deck.

Day 16
Photo: Gian-Rico Willy Photo

Achieving greatness

Location: Cape Horn and Chilean fjords

When ranking the mythical places on Earth, Cape Horn is high on the list. Before the Panama Canal, seafarers had to pass this infamous rocky island in order to cross from one side of the Americas to the other. We will do our best to make a landing on Cape Horn – however, this is an area known for high seas and challenging conditions and if we make it this will be a great achievement.

Day 17

Like nowhere else on Earth

Location: Chilean fjords

As we set course for Punta Arenas, we sail through some of the wildest and most impressive landscapes anywhere on earth. The Chilean fjords are deep with high mountains and glaciers calving into the sea. Enjoy the amazing views from deck, or come ashore to explore the area like Darwin did more that 180 years ago. 

Day 18
Photo: Matyas Rehak Photo

The journey ends

Location: Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile

Sadly, every adventure must come to an end. When we reach Punta Arenas, on the edge of the Strait of Magellan, it is time to say goodbye to all your new friends and the crew. Your journey home continues with your flight to Santiago de Chile.

11 November 2016 or 8 November 2017

Location Santiago, Chile
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