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  • Explorer-20-21-Preview-Cover_brochure.PNG

    Expedition Cruises 2020/21 - Preview

    Explore the Alaskan wilderness, as well as more than 250 worldwide destinations including Antarctica, Iceland, Arctic Canada, and the Northwest Passage on one of our many expedition cruises in 2020 and 2021.

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  • Winter 2019-20 cover thumbnail (1).png

    Northern Lights: Winter 2019/20

    The spell-binding aurora borealis remains top of most travellers' bucket lists, as beautiful to witness as they are elusive to catch. Up in Norway though, our ships sail directly under the Auroral Zone, an area of consistent Northern Lights displays between October and March.

    The aurora is so frequent here that over 99% of our 12-day voyages last season recorded Northern Lights occurrences.

    In fact, we are so confident the Northern Lights will appear with us on a 12-day voyage between October and March that we promise to give you another voyage if they don't. This promise is the closest anyone can get to a Northern Lights guarantee.


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  • Coastal-19_20-Cover.JPG

    Norwegian Coastal Voyages 2019/20

    When you ask people what to see or do in Norway, they answer, “See the coast”. This is where we come in. In this brochure, you can read why Hurtigruten is the only way to experience the Norwegian coast. Also read about:

    • Life on board, day by day
    • Our journey to a greener, more sustainable future
    • Norway's spectacular seasons
    • The fjords, ports and highlights you see along the way
      And much more...

    Order a copy below or read the brochure online. Welcome on board!

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  • Explorer Brochure 2019-20 Cover.jpg

    Explorer Voyages 2019/20

    New for Explorer 2019/20:

    • our expedition ships will be journeying in Amundsen’s footsteps across the Northwest Passage and sailing onwards to Alaska
    • In South America, several new voyages offer the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu and the Galápagos
    • our Arctic destinations can now add Franz Josef Land and Murmansk to its ports of call

    We are also looking forward to the maiden voyage of MS Fridtjof Nansen, our second state-of-the-art, hybrid-powered expedition ship, revolutionising expedition travel for future generations to enjoy.

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  • Winter Brochure 2018-19 Cover.jpg

    Northern Lights Winter 2018/19

    The winter months in Norway are something truly special, and adventure is most definitely in the air above the Arctic Circle. Stand amazed as the graceful Northern Lights weave its rainbow of colours across the starlit sky.

    The best time to catch it is from October to March*, and from the deck of a Hurtigruten ship, far from the city lights. Pre-order our new Northern Lights Winter brochure for the 2018/19 season, and discover our range of voyages and activities in Norway. 

    *Northern Lights Promise

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  • 288 x 416px_Coastal 18-19.png

    Norwegian Coastal Voyages 2018/19

    Since 1893, we have sailed along the coast, taking in the natural beauty and connecting the small, remote ports of Norway. Travelling with Hurtigruten offers you an active experience, with a choice of more than 70 excursions in 2018/19. You will have the opportunity to take part in lectures by our on-board expedition teams and truly gain insight into the local way of life. 

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  • EX 18-19 UK.png

    Explorer voyages 2018/19

    In 2018/19 our fleet is expanding, allowing us to take you to new destinations. Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers of the past as we take you to the Caribbean and Central America, further in Canada and across the Northwest Passage

    Get ready to connect with your inner explorer on one of our new environmentally-friendly, hybrid vessels - MS Roald Amundsen (launching in 2018) and MS Fridtjof Nansen (launching in 2019). 

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  • Seasonal-excursions-1819_brochure.jpg

    Seasonal Excursions 2018/19

    To travel with Hurtigruten is to journey into the heart and soul of the Norwegian coast. An integral part of our voyages are the excursions we offer throughout the year, each memorable and special in their own way.

    Our range of exciting excursions are carefully chosen and curated to further enhance your experience of ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage’. These optional, pre-bookable activities bring you off the ship, taking you closer than ever to the charming culture, wildlife, and stunning landscapes Norway is famous for.

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  • Sailing in a New Style.jpg

    Sailing in a New Style

    Four of the Hurtigruten fleet that travel the stunning Norway coast are undergoing extensive transformations in 2016. We are also pleased to welcome a brand new ship to the coastal route this summer, the MS Spitsbergen. 

    We warmly welcome you onboard to embark on  a new adventure in style. Our 'New Arctic Interior' is a timeless style with a relaxing Explorer Lounge, Panaroma Bar, stunning cabins and of course, Norway's Coastal Kitchen

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  • Svalbard 2017 cover.png

    Wild Wonders of Svalbard

    Svalbard offers an advenure for all seasons. Explore the archipelago, a dramatic and fascinating polar wilderness. Located halfway between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is a vast tundra of icefields and glaciers, boasting a surprisingly mild climate with distinctive seasons - ideal for land based adventures with us. 

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