Improved Wi-Fi in 2016

Hurtigruten are trialing a new Wi-Fi system on board three ships from now until the end of December 2015. This is giving us the possibility to see if we can implement a brand new and improved Wi-Fi system across the fleet in 2016.

The three ships that are being trialled are MS Midnatsol, MS Trollfjord and MS Finnmarken and the prices are as follows:

There are two types of internet:

  • Standard (1Mbit speed for use in social media, email simple surfing, not for streaming)
  • Premium access – 5 Mbit broadband with 4 hrs active use
  • One day standard internet - 50 NOK
  • Three day standard internet - 125 NOK
  • Five day standard internet - 200 NOK
  • 11 day standard internet  400 NOK

Premium internet is also available for 250 NOK for 4 hours active use. It will be sold in reception.