New season Explorer 2018/19 sailings launch

Discover fascinating landscapes with Hurtigruten and experience unforgettable adventures in Antarctica, Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, North America, Northwest Passage, South America, or Caribbean and Central America. Here you can find the complete programme of our expedition voyages in 2018-2019. Where do you want to plant your flag?


Secluded, untouched and fascinating. The coldest continent on Earth will melt you away. In the white solitude you can feel the power of the elements and walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest explorers. Come on a journey of discovery and experience an adventure at the end of the world!

Antarctica voyages


Secluded, mysterious and extreme. Spitsbergen is considered the gateway to the North Pole. The landscape is characterised by ice, wind and sea. Experience an arctic adventure, take part in the ultimate Spitsbergen expedition or follow the tracks of the Sportsman's Route.

Svalbard voyages


Prepare to witness vast icebergs, mountains and fjords on the largest island in the world. In Greenland, also called the "land of the people", you will meet the Inuit in their remote settlements. On our expeditions you will experience the wild nature of the Arctic waters close up. Follow us on the trail of the Vikings through the Arctic Ocean, discover mystic Iceland or untouched Greenland.

Greenland voyages

Caribbean and Central America  

Colorful, warm and full of life: the Caribbean and Central America has been a dream destination for generations and for good reason. Discover the natural beauty of the Americas and experience the history of the legendary Mayas and explore fascinating ruins with us. 

Caribbean and Central America voyages

North America

Wild and beautiful, remote and rich in history - an adventure to America and Canada is bound to unleash your inner explorer. Our expeditions travel from the wilderness of Newfoundland and Labrador to magical Iceland, or to some of the highlights along the east coast of America.

North America voyages

South America 

As if the Amazon rainforest and the diverse ecosystems in the Amazon region are not enough incentive, on our expeditions you will discover ancient civilisations and bustling cities. Enjoy the contrast of the Andean coast, travel from the rainforest to the Inca empire or discover some of the richest wildlife in South America.

South America voyages


Ancient civilisations, splendid cities and hidden treasures - on the voyage along the historic coast of Europe, you will immerse yourself in the turbulent history of this continent. Discover the cultural beauties of the European Atlantic coast, the beauty of the Atlantic islands or the treasures of Portugal!

Europe voyages