Asta Lassesen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

What’s your fondest memory from a Hurtigruten voyage?
Taking a cruise on the Norwegian coast together with my family . I enjoyed the cruise as a passenger, and explored the Norwegian coast through the eyes of a kid. It was a great experience. The kids loved the scenery, and were thrilled to meet the staff on board the ship and take part in activities both on board and during the port stay. The absolute highlight of the voyage was visiting Trollfjorden. 

What’s your happiest memory from a shore excursion?
I did the sea eagle safari in Lofoten. I had seen lots of  pictures of the sea eagle diving into the sea to catch fish, so I thought I knew what to expect. But seeing this happen in real life was really spectacular, and that feeling is something no picture can fully capture.

If you could depart tomorrow, what would be your ideal adventure?
I would go to Antarctica - my number 1 destination. Exploring Antarctica with a Hurtigruten vessel in order to get really close to the nature and wildlife, would really be something else.


  • MBA, Norwegian School of Economics Bodø 


  • Finance Manager Hurtigruten ASA
  • Accountant Ernst & Young
  • Chairman of TIRB

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