Corporate Social Responsibility

Leaving a smaller footprint

Travel is an essential part of modern lifestyle, and man's wanderlust has a great impact on nature and the environment. Our ambition to become the world leader in exploration travel comes with a great responsibility to preserve the wonders of nature along our route. Our journeys go to regions where nature is unique and vulnerable, and we acknowledge that every trip leaves a certain footprint on the environment, the destination and its wildlife and people.

We seek to minimise the negative impact of our operations. We emphasise making positive contributions that benefit our destinations, strengthening our environmental initiatives and running a responsible and sustainable operation. This becomes all the more important as we are aiming to become the world leader in sustainable exploration travel in polar waters. Our guests and all other stakeholders should see our commitment to preservation and sustainable operations reflected in the highest environmental awareness – on board and ashore.

Minimizing the impact

Since 2009 we have conducted more than 20 different energy saving measures that have contributed to directly reducing our annual emissions of NOX by 370 tonnes and nearly 13 000 tonnes CO2. We are continuously planning new projects to reduce emissions further.

Adding value to our destinations

We trade locally and buy services like excursions from local suppliers, and in this way contribute to the livelihood and welfare of small coastal societies. We strive to contribute positively to our destinations through our combined social, environmental and safety efforts. We trade locally, respect traditions and value our cooperation with the people and communities that welcome our guests, both along the Norwegian coast and in the Polar areas. By adding value to our destinations we also build a stronger foundation for our own future operation.

Travel with meaning - The Hurtigruten Foundation

We have established The Hurtigruten Foundation in order to ensure that our guests of tomorrow can enjoy the same meaningful travel experiences that our guests do today. The Hurtigruten Foundation raises awareness of opportunities and challenges in the areas we visit – and raises funds to respectively exploit or reduce these.

On board auctions have contributed to perhaps the most ambitious habitat restoration project on earth; South Georgia, protection of the albatross and maintenance of research stations in Antarctica. We support several local initiatives such as “Clean up Svalbard” and Association of Greenlandic Children.

Donations to the Hurtigruten Foundation are accepted with gratitude to account NO2412506152184.