Enhancing our Destinations

Adding value to the waters we sail in, and to the destinations we visit means enhancing and sustaining our own existence and our guest’s experience

By our extensive practice of trading locally and buying services, like excursions, from local suppliers, Hurtigruten contributes to the livelihood and welfare of small coastal communities.

Norway’s Coastal Kitchen

Our local food concept where we focus on locally produced ingredients and short travelled food runs throughout the entire fleet. Visiting 34 ports along the Norwegian coast, we have an exceptional opportunity to get fresh produce from local suppliers every day, and of course we only serve species approved by WWFs red list for sustainable seafood.

Ingredients are delivered directly on board the ships, reducing transportation significantly and utilizing our port structure in the best possible way. Fresh local food enhances the travel experience, gives local ripple effects and tells great stories from the places we visit. 

Rescue and Support

All of Hurtigruten’s vessels are equipped for active participations in search and rescue missions. As a consequence of our daily 24/7, year-round presence, we also provide a constant emergency preparedness, as well as an important observation function when it comes to important natural areas, the environment, and shipping lanes.

Throughout our presence along the Norwegian coast for more than 123 years, we have contributed in countless rescue operations, the last one being MS Polarlys' rescue of three crew-members on a sinking skiff outside Tromsø, in September 2015.